Portable X-Ray at Home Service – Get high-quality digital X-Rays at your home

Portable X-Ray at Home is a health care innovation that provides digital X-Ray services at the patient’s home. Portable X-Ray at Home Services offers a digital X-Ray facility that can be used from the comfort of one’s own bed and doorstep convenience. 

We, at Siloam Healthcare, specialize in digital x-ray and are equipped with cutting-edge machines to provide you with the most accurate and timely report at your doorstep. Siloam Healthcare Portable X-Ray at Home Services is a name to remember if you’re looking for an x-ray at home service provider in Chennai. Our diagnostic professionals examine patients in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. They are well-versed in the art of digital radiology and its associated challenges. So, whether it’s a high-rise building with machines that must travel up and down stairs or a critical patient who is bedridden, we’re ready for anything.    


Every appointment we make is a step closer to relieving your pain and providing a quick solution. Furthermore, emergency calls are prioritized. Overall, we are one of the best digital portable x-ray at home service providers, providing you with complete care in critical situations. We can proudly say that we match the services of the best mobile radiology centers in terms of reliability, speed, and affordability. Your comfort and care are our guiding principles, and they govern our operations at all times. So, the next time you need an x-ray at home service, just give Siloam Healthcare a call. Our diagnostic professionals will be on the way to you as soon as possible.